Fentanyl Cleanup

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Proper cleaning of Fentanyl exposure can save lives. Improper cleaning puts lives at danger.


Fentanyl, Fentanyl analogues and other potent synthetic opioids and analgesics may be absorbed through the skin, allowing the drug to enter a person’s body without the typical illicit drug ingestion methods such as smoking, snorting, injection, etc. In addition, opioids may be inadvertently inhaled in situations where suspected drug samples are disturbed and particles become airborne. These exposures may place other people, including first responders, at potential risk.

We specialize in Government, Industrial, Business, Automobile, Residential and First Responder Cleanup.

Our solution yields a greater than 99% neutralization of fentanyl in less than five minutes. This comes at a crucial time when there is no sign of the opioid addiction and overdose crisis slowing down. In fact, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration issued a warning to the public and law enforcement nationwide about the health and safety risks of fentanyl.

Bio One Charleston is the company you can trust for fentanyl cleanup. We have been performing cleanups just like this and serve customers throughout the country with our cleanup services. All of our cleaners are highly trained and hold industry licenses for drug lab cleanup.